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I was that odd little girl who had conversations in hushed tones with her imaginary friends. Those imaginary friends who always prepared me for events to come. I was that teen in high school who was able to make extra money reading Tarot cards for classmates (& a few teachers) during lunch. I am that laid back Psychic Goddess who in 2017 decided to ditch her corporate 9-5 to focus on this Amazing Spiritual path full time.

I have spent over 25 years providing Essential, Caring and Warm, In-depth Intuitive Counseling with only the highest level of client service, combined with a healthy dose of practical sass. I am down to Earth Spiritualist, who is passionate about providing Spiritual guidance to all of those in need. A certified Hippie & Beach Bum, I've been very fortunate to have clients from all around the world, and have even gained some celebrity clientele over the years.

My various services are designed to assist you in achieving your highest level of Spiritual growth. You will find that my methods are quite unique in comparison with others. I do not 'tell' you what you want to hear or what you should do, but rather prepare you for the foreseeable options and 'with you' discover the best path. The truth is, all of us have Intuitive capabilities. We are for the most part aware. Some, just more than others. Your session is based on the information that I pick up from the energy that is present at the time of your session.

I assist you in becoming aware of scenarios that you may not have even been aware of/thought of. My methods offer you empowerment, confidence, and clarity. My reputation for being detailed, accurate, straightforward and FUN are evident in my excellent client reviews. Don't waste time and money with others who will charge you plenty to give you a lesser quality of service.

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Let's Go Crazy

We're all excited.
But we don't know why.
Maybe it's 'cause, we're all gonna die. And when we do.
What's it all for?
You better LIVE now, Before the Grim Reaper come knocking on your door... ~ Prince/Let's Go Crazy
At some point, I stopped enjoying myself. My days had become routine and oh so ordinary. Granted, I had no desire to climb Mt. Everest, go skydiving, or anything mind-blowing like that. I did want to return to a place where there was awe and wonder in my life. I wanted to find idle time to sit on a park bench and daydream. I wanted to lay on the beach, enjoy a good book, while delighting in the sound of crashing waves. I wanted to write more and worry less. I needed to find the courage to truly step off that {self imposed} ledge and fly. "It's time to let loose baby girl. Life is short," I tell's time to Go Crazy!

Never Let Em' Steal Your Happiness

Last week, I went to Dunkin Donuts to purchase some sweet treats for my staff. As I approached the drive-through window to pay for my order, the cashier explained that the car in front of me had already paid for me. Confused, I said to the cashier, "but I don't even know her." He went on to explain that this woman comes in at least twice a week and does this. As I left the window,  a rush of warmth filled me. You would have thought that I'd just won the lottery or something. With that one simple gesture, this complete stranger had made me feel...Good! I thought 'how wonderful,' I just had to extend this feeling to someone else. I wanted the everyone to feel as good as I felt in that moment. Once in my office, I shared my story with anyone who would listen. Then it happened. One of my co-workers, who I swear could find fault in Heaven, interrupts me. "Why would she do that?" he began,  "the gesture would have been better used towards someone who…

Living My Purpose

I watched her, with my mouth wide-opened as she happily bounced out of her car and into the Dollar Tree Store. In an instant, I imagined her life and who she was. I envisioned her entire wonderfully planned day and groaned. She had long, beautiful, purple curls hanging in her face. That deep, rich purple that I would've loved to have dyed my hair as an awe struck Prince fan back in the 80s. She had a tattoo sleeve gracing her right arm, and a beautiful Celtic design on her left leg. Her green Kia Soul had an Om sticker on the back window, with a Hello Kitty license plate holder. She wore a long flowing white cotton shirt, with a black camisole underneath. Her black pants had glittery blue specks weaved into hem. She had a huge funky, Boho type handbag that simply read 'Peace' across the front of it. Her Mala and silver bangles made a sort of melody as they clicked together. 
I told myself that she was a Yoga teacher, but then tossed that idea in favor of her being the owner…