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Lazy People

Remove lazy people from your circle. Today! Like, right now! Nothing is worse than diving head first into something that you’re passionate about, only to have someone in your corner who’s negative and/or unproductive. Being tired has become an occupation for some people, and it’s quite sad. To have seemingly gifted people wasting their time (and yours), because they’ve decided that today’s not the day to start something great. Tomorrow is a luxury folks! It’s not promised to me or you.

Does your conversation with ‘that’ person tend to sound like this:

  • What did you do yesterday? >nothing.
  • What are you doing today? >nothing.
  • What are you planning for tomorrow? >Nothing

Educated, seemingly rational people expressing how displeased they are with their lives, and yet not putting in the work to change their circumstances. I’m not talking about poor planning. I’m not speaking of lack of knowledge, or lack of funds. I’m talking about being plain ol’ lazy. Starting today, I’m sorry (really not) but I’ve got no time to waste energy on folks who can’t decide if they want to be in the drivers, or in the passenger’s seat of their own lives. It’s so easy to complain about everything, point the finger, and blame someone else. That’s what children do. “The dog ate my homework,” mentality. Let me stop you right there…I don’t want to hear it!

Do NOT cry to me about how dysfunctional your relationship is, how much you hate your job, how you want to travel more, how you want to start your own business, how you want to lose twenty pounds, how you want to run for public office, how you can’t wait to publish that killer Blog, how you want to do pretty much ANYTHING that your heart is leaping out of your chest to do…UNLESS you are actively taking the first step. I’m much too busy making moves towards my own dreams to side step, and get caught up in your fanciful delusions.

Either $hi# or get off the pot! but p-l-e-a-s-e stop being sooooo Lazy!


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