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I Choose to Love

I wanted to go to the movies. I really did. There are at least four movies that I’ve waited all Summer to see, that have just been released. I wanted to order a big buttery tub of popcorn, a salty pretzel, and guzzle each fattening calorie down with a large iced tea. I wanted to get on social media to share with my friends, the good, the bad, and the ugly of each cinematic occurrence. I wanted to….
This past week has been something out of an Orwellian nightmare. Although I try to keep my outlook on things in the Unicorn and Butterfly realm, I’m scared. I truly am. I’m scared that after this political chaos is all said and done, we’ll no longer be a country on a mission to mend through peace and brotherhood, but rather one destined to languish in the irony of a systematic induction to ruin.  As much as I wanted to snuggle next to my husband, in a dark corner of the theater, enjoying a simulated theatrical world designed to cajole me from my current despair…I could not. I want to stay cu…

Lazy People

Remove lazy people from your circle. Today! Like, right now! Nothing is worse than diving head first into something that you’re passionate about, only to have someone in your corner who’s negative and/or unproductive. Being tired has become an occupation for some people, and it’s quite sad. To have seemingly gifted people wasting their time (and yours), because they’ve decided that today’s not the day to start something great. Tomorrow is a luxury folks! It’s not promised to me or you.

Does your conversation with ‘that’ person tend to sound like this:
What did you do yesterday? >nothing. What are you doing today? >nothing. What are you planning for tomorrow? >Nothing
Educated, seemingly rational people expressing how displeased they are with their lives, and yet not putting in the work to change their circumstances. I’m not talking about poor planning. I’m not speaking of lack of knowledge, or lack of funds. I’m talking about being plain ol’ lazy. Starting today, I’m sorry (really…