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Enjoying day at a time

It was time. Time for me to get out again. Time for me to sink my toes into the sand. Time for me to turn the volume all the way up on the car radio, and sing as loudly as I could. And no, I can't sing. Time for me to disconnect from the Golden Girls marathon, the mindless memes, the Android apps, the endless political commentary…and finish my novel. It was time to explore the beautiful new neighborhood that I’d moved to months ago, rather than laying comatose on the sofa with a big bag of Lays. It was time to absolve myself for not being as nice as I once was, and learning to respond to some people with a flat-out ‘NO’. It was time for me to lick my wounds, gather my good intentions, and (as Nike says) ‘Just do it.’ I was tired of being exhausted, and I was anxious about my current state of affairs. Although 2016 started off with rainbows and well wishes, it slowly fizzled into a lonely cocoon that I’d become much too comfortable in. A daughter in peril. A career that no longer excited me. Someone dear to my heart falling off the wagon. A strained sibling relationship. A lackluster business launch. The discovery of a lump. A forty-five-year-old marriage ending in deceit. A government encased in chaos, corruption, and confusion….

Oh look…what a beautiful little butterfly. It’s hovering closer now. The intricate red and yellow design of its wings, bring a smile to my face. It effortlessly glides on the whisper of a cool December wind. I sit on the ground like a child, and in awe marvel at this butterfly. I dedicate this brief moment in time to my new-found friend, as its magical fox-trot keeps me in a trance. How lovely! How lovely indeed! Thank you my December Butterfly. Thank you for gracing me with your presence. Thank you for removing me from myself, and connecting with me along your journey. Inhale deeply, and r-e-l-e-a-s-e………BREATHE.

Don’t let the overall picture overwhelm you my friends. Remember to BREATHE, and enjoy LIFE one day at a time. You don’t have to paint the entire portrait today, but do remember to at least pick up the brush.


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We're all excited.
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At some point, I stopped enjoying myself. My days had become routine and oh so ordinary. Granted, I had no desire to climb Mt. Everest, go skydiving, or anything mind-blowing like that. I did want to return to a place where there was awe and wonder in my life. I wanted to find idle time to sit on a park bench and daydream. I wanted to lay on the beach, enjoy a good book, while delighting in the sound of crashing waves. I wanted to write more and worry less. I needed to find the courage to truly step off that {self imposed} ledge and fly. "It's time to let loose baby girl. Life is short," I tell's time to Go Crazy!

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