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Sharing Flowers

A former colleague of mine recently passed away. A wonderful girl, with an infectious sense of humor, a heart of gold, and a passion for all things leading to fabulous journeys. She’d been ill for quite some time, and while her death didn’t come as a complete shock, the pain was just as difficult. As I thought back on all of her accomplishments within the past year, I smiled. She’d finally earned her BA in Business Administration, a feat that she’d wrestled with for a long time. She’d created a pretty lucrative handmade soap business with her sister, of which I was her biggest customer. She’d entered a local beauty pageant a few months ago, and actually came in second place. She was my colleague, my friend….and she will be missed. It was right about the time that her brother posted information for her funeral services, that I saw them. The condolences, the memories, the hundreds of pictures. They came flooding in like a river. At last count, she had eighty-six post-mortem messages fro…

Just Breathe

I know that its hard...but remember to breathe. And when you wake up tomorrow...remember to breathe again. And the day after that, the week after that, and the month after that...breathe. And then, one day you'll wake up, refreshed, and wonder why you held your breath for so long....