Runnng Away From...Us

It was time to go. It was time to pretend that there were no kids, no jobs, no dogs, and no responsibilities. It was time to run away to reinvent ourselves, if only for one day. It was time to reconnect with those teenaged kids who were so secretive and dangerously in love. It was time to turn on the ‘out of the office’ messaging, direct all calls to voicemail, and leave the laptop at home. It was our time. Mine and his. We could usually feel the sickness developing long before the onset of the disease. The fatigue, the grab and go meals, the additions and revisions to the to-do list, the finger pointing over who’s turn it was to clean the litter box, the heated discussion about who’s side of the family our teenage daughter takes after, when she does something moronic.
It was time to remember who we were before all of this…stuff. So often, we lose sight of what our relationships were before this…stuff. Your children will grow up and move out, your pets will age and cross over the rainbow bridge, you will retire from your 9 to 5...and what/who will you have left? Don’t put off showing that special person in your life what they mean to you, every day. Don’t forgo being silly because you think that you’re too old. Kiss them before they walk out the door in the morning. Not a peck on the cheek either. A slobbery, juicy wet one like you used to get in the back of the movie theater. Trade in the stained tee-shirt that you usually come to bed in, for something involving silk and lace. Go an entire day without speaking about what the kids did, what your boss said, the broken garbage disposal, how your brother said something that pissed you off, and instead engage in deep discussion about each other, and your future together. Resist sending the text to pick up bread, and instead send a romantic text that is borderline lewd. Break out the smell goods. You know, that expensive fragrance that you only mist on yourself for special occasions?
Date your mate. Doesn’t have to cost a fortune, doesn’t have to entail an entire day. Don’t lose sight of what made you love them. And don’t you dare let them lose sight of what made them love you.
> Wise Spirit


  1. "Date you mate" is absolutely right! If not, you'll be empty-nesters with noting in common and nothing to talk about. Great blog :-).


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