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I Don't Need a Vacation

We sat talking, anxiously, about our upcoming trip. We discussed in detail, how wonderful it would be to get away from it all, and to finally have a moment to relax. He chattered on about his desire to perhaps rent a boat for the day, and get some fishing time in. I envisioned a couple of lazy mornings. Waking up to the sounds of birds and warm sunshine, as opposed to a blaring alarm clock. We discussed our itinerary at length, touching upon everything from the hotel at which we were staying, to the new Italian restaurant that we wanted to try. We did all of this, even as I checked my work email, and he ironed his clothes for his job. Time was the enemy, as we both kissed each other goodbye. I, on the way to my job, and him getting ready for his. It would be another twelve hours before we’d see each other again. 

The drive along the turnpike was predictable. Three accidents, one stalled car on the side of the road, and a multitude of people who apparently, had no clue on how to use the…