Never Let Em' Steal Your Happiness

Last week, I went to Dunkin Donuts to purchase some sweet treats for my staff. As I approached the drive-through window to pay for my order, the cashier explained that the car in front of me had already paid for me. Confused, I said to the cashier, "but I don't even know her." He went on to explain that this woman comes in at least twice a week and does this. As I left the window,  a rush of warmth filled me. You would have thought that I'd just won the lottery or something. With that one simple gesture, this complete stranger had made me feel...Good! I thought 'how wonderful,' I just had to extend this feeling to someone else. I wanted the everyone to feel as good as I felt in that moment. Once in my office, I shared my story with anyone who would listen. Then it happened. One of my co-workers, who I swear could find fault in Heaven, interrupts me. "Why would she do that?" he began,  "the gesture would have been better used towards someone who was needy. You're able to pay for your own donuts." His disparaging rant went on for all of ten minutes. I looked around the office at my colleagues who were just as aghast as I was. At some point, he must have realized the uncomfortable situation he'd created, and he attempted to end his tirade with a joke. Ummm, NO. Not even the least bit amused.

In the blink of any eye, this jerk with venomous diarrhea of the mouth, had stolen my bright spot in the day. He'd deflated my high, and more importantly, he'd thrown me off course as to how I was going to make someone else's day, by 'paying it forward.' When I got home, I vented to my hubby (if not for him, the horrors) about what had transpired. After listening to me patiently about how anyone could be so horrible, he interjected, "so not only did he take that moment from you, but he also took your day." He continued, "because now here you are, hours after the fact, having carried that negative vibe with you throughout your entire day." WOW! There hubby was being deep again, and dang I hate it when he's right. 

My lesson today friends, is to NEVER let anyone steal your Happiness! If you're over the age of ten, you've undoubtedly learned that there are just some folks in the world who, are so consumed by pain and disappointment, that they don't know any other way. Rather than watch as your light shines, they'd prefer to see you hurting and bitter like them. After speaking to my husband, I began to feel sorry for my co-worker. What a pitiful life to always be looking at the glass as half empty, as opposed to half full. As for me though, I'm still motivated by my Dunkin Donuts encounter. The other day while riding past the toll booth, I paid for the next five cars behind me. Sure, it only amounted to $7.50, but it made me feel good, and hopefully it created a bright spot in someone else's day. Pay it forward friends, the World needs it now :)

Bright Blessings > Wise Spirit


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