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Negative People Suck!

She walked hurriedly over to me. Assuming it was extremely important, I stopped what I was doing so that I could give her my full attention. "You've just gotta see this", she exclaimed as her thumb circled over the screen of her cell phone. Seconds later, she'd capture my attention as a YouTube video slowly came into view. This video that my co-worker was so anxious to share with me, showed horrific and disturbing footage of several (what appeared to be) middle school children torturing a kitten. As soon as my senses grasped what I was viewing, I pushed her phone away. "Isn't that just awful?" she said with a hint of disdain. Before my mind was able to filter what my mouth had already articulated, I spat out "then why the hell did you show it to me?"

I tried desperately to understand why, if these images had offended her, that she in turn found the need to share it. Not only with me, but with anyone at all. Needless to say, this sparked a crossroad in the way I interact with her. I limit most conversation, if not refraining from any at all in lieu of the uniformed pleasantries. The same goes for Negative Nelly, who makes it a priority to give me the rundown of all that is evil and corrupt in the world, as soon as I walk in the door at 8am. Before even saying 'good morning'. Before I've had a shot of java for that matter. Oh, and I can't forget that dastardly Donald Downer. He looks for any given opportunity to spew whatever racist, sexist, homophobic, or just plain ignorant idea that comes to his perfectly coiffed head. At first glance, it would appear that negativity and pessimism have run amok.  

Just before I resolved to disconnecting my Internet, the cable, my cell phone and retreating to the Colorado Mountains to live out my existence as a Hobbit, I pause. Do I really want to give up on society to hide in the corner? Do I really want those perpetually gloomy folks to win? And more importantly, should I retreat to the mountains will I encounter additional negative trolls searching for their precious? As my anxiety kicks into overdrive, I inhale deeply. It's mind numbing for me to process and digest the endless stream of negativity that is spoon fed to us daily. The media is a smorgasbord of headlines structured to garner the most extreme of our emotions.

Well listen up...I won't be destroyed! Not today. Not tomorrow or the next day. Keep that funky negative crap to yourself! My spirit just can't and won't take it anymore. I read article after article regarding detox cleanses. They usually refer to dietary cleansing for well-being purposes. Well, guess what? You also need to detox (frequently) from negativity for the same reason. The theory goes, that if you continuously consume food that is bad for you, eventually you will begin to feel bad. The same is true for all the negativity that we consume on the regular. Life is much too short to dwell on the bad. And yet there are folks who embrace the downtrodden role and relish in the swill of despair. STOP it! I will not re-post your pictures involving mobs of people publicly assaulting an isolated victim. I will not like your picture of an animal being mutilated in the name of your 'cruelty to animals' campaign. I will not find humor in your casual reference to women as gardening tools or female canine. I refuse to comment on your latest asinine post displaying your half-baked theory on gays, African-Americans, Mexicans, abortion, the confederate flag, religion, guns, or democrats. STOP it! I will instead un-friend, delete, block you and keep it moving. Oh yeah...and I will exhale. Deeply.

I Love life! And I enjoy people who love life and are positive and passionate about it. The rest of can just kick rocks :)

> Wise Spirit


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