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Peace Be Still

Reckoning this to my merely being upset, would be an understatement. I was LIVID. To think that someone who I cared so much for, could hurt me in this way had shaken me to my core. I'd spent days harboring resentment mixed with a bitterness so deep, that my stomach ached. I replayed in my head each word, each glance, each disparaging turn. As quickly as it'd become so incredibly loud, there was now a deafening silence. While spitting out the last profanity, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I can't say that I liked what I saw. My eyes were bulging out of my head, a vein in my neck was pulsating, my hands were trembling, and my heart was pounding. Meanwhile, the person who'd upset me had aptly moved on without a care. Totally indifferent to the pain, and grief they'd caused me. Well dang! If that don't be all. My husband, the diplomatic peacemaker, called out to me. Urging me to come back and talk to him, as I backed out the driveway. His rational tone…

Negative People Suck!

She walked hurriedly over to me. Assuming it was extremely important, I stopped what I was doing so that I could give her my full attention. "You've just gotta see this", she exclaimed as her thumb circled over the screen of her cell phone. Seconds later, she'd capture my attention as a YouTube video slowly came into view. This video that my co-worker was so anxious to share with me, showed horrific and disturbing footage of several (what appeared to be) middle school children torturing a kitten. As soon as my senses grasped what I was viewing, I pushed her phone away. "Isn't that just awful?" she said with a hint of disdain. Before my mind was able to filter what my mouth had already articulated, I spat out "then why the hell did you show it to me?"
I tried desperately to understand why, if these images had offended her, that she in turn found the need to share it. Not only with me, but with anyone at all. Needless to say, this sparked a cros…