Trust, Believe & Let Go

Earlier this month, I took a much needed week long vacation. Fortunately, I was also able to attend my very first author signing event to promote my new book, 'Hotel South Beach.' I must say, even though I experienced feelings of sheer terror at the start, the level of professionalism and camaraderie amongst the attending authors, quickly made this closet introvert feel welcomed. It also helped that Christin was the coolest table mate (now friend) ever! I had the wonderful opportunity to interact with some of the most popular and noteworthy Indie authors in the industry. As an added bonus to the weekend activities, I was also privy to author panels which both educated and encouraged me. The good vibes didn't wrap up with the weekend either. Many of us have kept in contact via social media, as well as the casual email or text. I love it!

My husband, the extreme extrovert, who maneuvers art and social events like a seasoned pro, was my constant cheer leader the entire time. He was also there to give me a good kick in the pants when I pondered, four hours before the event, on not going. He was there to hold me in the days that followed, as I trembled in angst, wondering if I'd ever be able to do what I love full time. Many of the attending authors are successful enough to generate a stable income, simply by being creative and passionate about their craft. This concept however, still amazes me. That one could make a living, enjoying what they do! I watch in awe as my husband sits, dedicated for hours to a pallet of various colors and canvas. His artwork gaining attention and accolades, inspires me.

So, here I am taking baby steps. Sure, the surging energy of that weekend has faded. The adrenaline rush has subsided, and reality has set in. But here I am, writing my Blog and hoping that someone gets it. Hoping that someone enjoys it enough to say, "Hey, that girl's good!" Hoping that perhaps my unusual name catches on and people begin to whisper enough to create a buzz. Hoping that some of my husbands' relentless zeal and fortitude rubs off on me. Hoping that twice as many people enjoy my next book, and that that number will be tripled by the third book. Because I have no plans on stopping. Just because I can't do this full time (now), doesn't mean that I won't be able to...soon. Until then, this is me stepping out on faith, and fully expecting nothing but the BEST!

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