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Learning to Be Still

I enjoy Facebook. There I said it! With my very large family which is spread out all over the US, it allows me to stay in contact with everyone. I also like checking up on former colleagues, and childhood friends who I haven't seen in a long time. When utilized correctly, I believe that FB provides a valuable tool for folks to keep in touch. However, recently I've found myself 'un-following' some people. Not because they posted the now 100th picture (today) of their kid. Not because they re-posted that YouTube video that was in poor taste. Not because their posts are usually heavily laden with words that most would find offensive. No. I've un-followed some folks who find the need to constantly "do." I'm sure you know a few of the people that I'm speaking of. Those people whose posts exhaust you just reading them.Now, before I'm labeled as a 'hater', let me clarify. I applaud people who can be in California on Monday, New York on Wednes…