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Daylight Savings

At first I thought maybe I was coming down with a cold. My body ached, I was exhausted and a lot more moody than usual. Just as I mentioned my fear of the plague to my husband, he asked me when was the last time I'd had a good nights rest. I actually had to ponder this question. As shocking as it was to admit, it had been at least three months since I'd had anything more than four hours of sleep.
Over the past few months I'd; taken care of a new litter of puppies, had my oldest daughter (and grandson) move back home, began work on my first novel, put in sixty hours a week at my 'real' job, assisted my husband on several of his Art shows, dabbled in selling real estate, spoke with Wise Spirit clients via various platforms, started a new website, put in some hours at a friends work place when she was in a bind, took a few classes, planned my book launch party and flew to New Jersey to visit my Grandma.
Sleep it would seem, was not a functional reality for me. I'd b…