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Gently Used Camper for Sale

A few days ago I read an article about a baseball player who'd just signed a million dollar contract and yet was living in a 1980-something camper van. When he wasn't playing baseball, he was traveling in his camper. Ready to catch the next surf, walking barefoot in the woods and basically enjoying life. I thoroughly enjoyed his story. His story and others like his have been a source of comfort for me over the past few years.
Overwhelmed with the hamster wheel daily activities set to auto pilot most days, I'm ready (at any given moment) to dip out of mainstream society. The wants and desires that I once had no longer move me. My urge for the latest Michael Kors bag has subsided. My dedication to the latest gizmo's and gadgets now seems absurd. And my agonizing struggle with OCD to get everything done, every time, in a short amount time has left me lackluster in contrast. 
I see posts on Facebook and Twitter from friends frantically juggling numerous activities at one tim…