Loving the Introvert

This was me in my bed, enjoying a cup of tea, amused by my four legged friend chasing his tail and finally playing catch up with a good book. It was my day off and I was spending it exactly how I wanted to. Alone. No hubby, no kids, no grand-kid. The TV was off and the only sound permeating my comfort zone was the occasional sound of whining from my greedy pup. Then it happened. Hubby came home early wanting to spend time together. Dammit!

My loving husband thought it a warm gesture to surprise me on my day off. For the past couple of weeks, he and I rarely had coinciding days off. And while I truly wanted to spend time with him, I desperately wanted to spend time by myself. Feeling mentally and physically drained, I just needed to take some "me" time to recharge.

Although I fake it pretty well, I'm the true definition of an introvert. And while the labels- stuck up, antisocial, shy and quiet have been attached to my character; none of those terms are true. I have a great small cluster of close friends that I like to spend time with. Friends who understand why I don't want to go shopping with them at the mall and why I steer clear of large functions that involve masses of people. That's really not my cup of tea. I prefer intimate settings to crowds. I'm not the house guest you have to entertain. No need to have an itinerary of things to do when I visit you. Do you have Netflix? Well then I'm good. I prefer small family/friend gatherings to the prophetic publicizing of myself to new people. Its all so awkward to me. "This is me, this is what I do, this is what I do to make a living, this is why you should want to know me." Yeah...No!

My husband has that "uh-oh" look. The fearful pause of just interrupting a Lion feasting in its natural habitat look. I'm now sitting up in bed and have closed my book. I can't be sure, but I think I felt my eyes roll and my lips purse.

I can already hear the sentence before it actually leaves his lips. "Is something wrong?"

I can't tell him, he never understands. Most folks don't. And since I'm not up for the "moody" conversation this month I answer simply, "Nope, nothing is wrong. Really good book though." I lie. I still had no idea how it was and was only on chapter three.

Curses, foiled again! But hey, I got a delicious omelet made just the way I like it from the intrusion. Extroverts-Win. Introverts-Zero.


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